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During the last 3 decades an abundance of information about molecular and (epi-)genetic mechanisms regarding to cancer/carcinogenesis were published.
So we are now confronted with a vast amount of biological insights about cancer development, far more almost than any human mind can assimilate and comprehend (Weinberg 2007).

On the other hand it becomes more and more clear, that to know even the totality of the molecular and genetic mechanisms does not mean to know the whole relational/ communicational context of carcinogenesis.
In this respect cancer shows itself not only as a multiform phenomenon in its material expressions - with so far approximately 110 cataloged distinct types - but also in its manifold bio-communicative aspects.

More and more empirical data show the increasing evidence that cancer cells have a complex communicative competence, e.g. the enormous ability - in the context of metastasis and invasiveness - to establish itself in a new tissue; a phenomenon, which hardly can be put into a single conceptual system or in one mechanistic scheme.

Following the 2008-Meeting > Natural Genetic Engineering and Natural Genome Editing at the same place the congress will bring together leading internationally recognized scientists and clinicians as well as the young/next generation of cancer experts to present, discuss and relate new basic and clinical findings in this upcoming cross-disciplinary research field of Cancer and Bio-Communication: from intra-cellular communication (e.g. The role of MicroRNAs in cancer), over cell-cell-communication (e.g. Gene transfer between cancer cells, Gap junctional intercellular communication, Cancer stem cells), the histological dimension of carcinogenesis, Inflammation and cancer, the context of cancer as an autonomous organ to new Intervention concepts (e.g. with viruses and bacteria).
The congress will be limited to 60 participants to guarantee a high throughput of informational and discourse dynamics.

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