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Good prospect for coming meetings. (left: G. Witzany, right: E. Hamberger, Photo: N. Goldenfeld)

Concept and organization:
Erich Hamberger, Communication Science and Transdisciplinary Research.
Guenther Witzany, telos-Philosophische Praxis and Scientific Board Leopold Kohr Academy
in co-operation with Schatzkammer Land Salzburg, Kulturelle Sonderprojekte

International Preparatory Committee:
Peter Eckl, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg
Nikolaus Bresgen, Department of Cell Biology, University of Salzburg
Hiltrud Oman, Head Administrator
Robert Prinz, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University Marburg, Germany and Rechenkraft net. e.V., Germany

Leopold Kohr Academy > Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Salzburg


Erich Hamberger (1) and Guenther Witzany (2) investigate cancer in all of its (bio-) communicative aspects. Whereas normal cell-cell interaction is a "dialogical" process, based on vital communication-acts and reciprocal information-exchange, cancer cells act onesided ("monological") strictly according to their private goals. In this respect, cancer as the term for more than 100 distinct types - discloses itself not only in its material expressions but also in its relational aspects as a manifold monological phenomenon showing various misleading forms of bio-communication.
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