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Speakers & Talks:

Manuela Baccarini
Targets of the Raf pathway in tumorigenesis
Center of Molecular Biology, University of Vienna - Max F. Perutz Laboratories (Austria)

Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff
Rethinking Radiation Carcinogenesis
Department of Radiation Oncology, New York University Langone School of Medicine (USA)

Leon Bignold
Morphology of tumours and cell-cell communication
Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science, University of Adelaide (Australia)

Mariano Bizzarri
Complexity and Cancer: self-organizing attractors and non-linear dynamics of regulatory networks
Department of Experimental Medicine and Pathology, University ?La Sapienza? - Rome (ITA)

Giuseppe Carruba
Steroid Enzymes and Cancer
Department of Oncology, University of Palermo/Sicily (ITA)

Erich Hamberger
Cancer and Message Transduction. Fragments of a Bio-Communication-Approach for a better Understanding of Carcinogenesis
Salzburg (Austria)

Harald zur Hausen
Viruses causing cancer
Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg (Germany)

Ulrike Kämmerer
The human placenta as a "well behaving tumour" and model to study regulation of cell growth, proliferation and invasion
Universitätsklinikum Wuerzburg (Germany)

Martin Lackmann
/Eph on -- Eph off: /insights into molecular switches that (mis) guide cancer cell positioning
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Monash University, Victoria (Australia)

Yuri Lazebnik
On the consequences of cell promiscuity, or whether viruses can cause cancer by fusing cells
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York (USA)

Erna Pap
Letter in an envelope - microvesicular information transfer. A new way of cell-to-cell communication
Department of Genetics, Cell-and Immunobiology, Semmelweis University, Budapest (Hungary)

Angelika Riemer
Interactions between the Immune System and Cancer / Immunotherapy Approaches
Department of Dermatology, Medical University of Vienna (Austria); currently: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA)

Marty Sereno
Cells, Language and Communication
Department of Neurolimaging, Birbeck-UCL Centre for Neurolimaging, London (UK)

Veronika Sexl
Tumor surveillance in leukemia
Center for Biomolecular Medicine and Pharmacology, University of Vienna

Ana M. Soto
The Tissue Organization Field Theory
Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston (USA)

Tadatsugu Taniguchi
Nucleic Acids, Interferons and Immunity: Implications in Cancer Therapy
Department of Immunology, Center for Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo (Japan).

James E. Trosko
Cancer as a Stem Cell Disease, a Disease of differentiation, and a Disease of Homeostasis: The role of Cell–Cell Communication
Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, Center for Integrative Toxicology, Michigan State University (USA)

Karin de Visser
The inflammatory tumor microenvironment: Tumor-protective or Tumor-promoting?
Department of Molecular Biology. The Netherlands Cancer Institute/Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Amsterdam (NL)

Günther Witzany
Biocommunication of Cancer Cells from the "Virus first"-Perspective
Bürmoos/Salzburg (Austria)


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